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Seis acoustic products are exclusively developed by us and are characterized by an unmistakable, clear design. These special developments provide our customers with the best possible speech intelligibility for the most diverse events. We only use high-quality materials for our products and continuously check them with a quality management system. Our technical components combine modern technology, good operational safety and the best possible transmission quality with a high level of user comfort. In addition to sound reinforcement technology, our product portfolio also includes:

  • Song display systems
  • Hearing aids for the hearing impaired
  • Camera systems
  • Large-screen projection
  • Media technology

We have been developing and manufacturing digital audio systems with the highest DSP audio quality in-house since 1994. Behind the user-friendly front panel is a lot of "high-tech". Our specialists continuously develop the DSP amplifier series, the professional speaker systems and the trend-setting design condenser microphones to perfection. "Made in Germany" is our quality promise for high-quality and sustainable production.


Seis Akustik Microphones
Seis Akustik Speaker
Seis Akustik Amplifier Systems
Seis Akustik Song Display
Seis Akustik Mobile Solutions
Seis Akustik Streaming
Seis Akustik Hearing aid technology